Homaro Cantu Has Big Plans For Miracle Berry

Photo: courtesy of Disruptive Food

Janet Rausa Fuller at the Sun-Times fills us in on more about Homaro Cantu of Moto and iNG, and his interest in the miracle berry which figures in iNG’s current flavor-tripping menu and cocktails. (The miracle berry, derived from an African berry, temporarily alters your flavor receptors to make bitter taste sweet.)

• He first started using the berry to help a chemotherapy patient taste again. He still makes 500 miracle berry paper strips a week, which he donates to chemo patients.

• He’s working on a diet cookbook, based on using the miracle berry as a calorie-free sweetener.

• He and his daughter tried the miracle berry with grass— no, not that kind, they were out mowing the lawn. She said it made it taste like basil.

Moto’s Homaro Cantu working on miracle berry cookbook [Sun-Times]

Homaro Cantu Has Big Plans For Miracle Berry