Go to Grilling College; Woman Gives Birth at a Hardee’s

• The Distilled Man, a new S.F.-based startup founded by 35-year-old Kyle Ingham, teaching “man skills,” namely grilling, poker, wine, and guitar. [Examiner]

• Earlier we introduced you to Barspace, the site that shows you live footage of how dead/crowded your local bar is right now. Well, now they have an iPhone app, and the ACLU is after them for raising “serious questions about personal freedom in the digital age.” [East Bay Express]

• Looking in on what chef Sean Baker’s doing for brunch at Gather in Berkeley. [Foodhoe]

• Indian weddings might just be too extravagant. They’re being blamed for “prodigious food waste.” [AP]

• A woman in Lexington, Kentucky, gave birth to a baby girl in the parking lot of a Hardee’s. The mother “said she could not believe how quickly this birth happened.” [WKYT]

• China is becoming increasingly reliant on other countries for staple food such as corn and soybeans, and that reliance “is likely to add a stabilizing factor” to the country’s relationship with the U.S. [Japan Times]

• Chipotle didn’t make as much money as it thought it would last quarter. The reasons: higher food costs, and that pesky federal investigation. [Reuters]

• Former Top Chef contestant Mike Isabella is a big fan of D.C.’s food scene. (Probably because he just opened a restaurant there.) [WP]

Go to Grilling College; Woman Gives Birth at a Hardee’s