Früute Tarts Up Sunset This Saturday

Photo: Früute

We predicted early on that this would be the summer of umlauts, so praise be to Saraswati that a new shop called früute is opening its doors this Saturday on Sunset (lest we be branded the Harold Camping of food blogging). So what is früute?

Früute (which is still pronounced “fruit”) specializes in tiny, delicate tarts that glitter, shine, and stand alone like tiny jewels, balancing unique and precise flavor combinations like creme brulee, black pepper with a forest berry center, and a wasabi with blood orange in pistachio crust and mint leaf tempura . A sea salt caramel, for example, finds macadamia mingling with dried berry, honey mosaic, sea salt caramel, and topped with a blackberry. All made with oragnic flour, sugar, and dairy, the tarts are created daily in eighteen varieties, just as a light and airy crust is made each day as well. There are sections for both classic flavors and “curious” flavors.

The shop comes form Yolanda Santosa, an Emmy-winning branding designer for television who decided to concentrate on stamping the city with something sweet and original, riffing on her favorite childhood sweets with help from her former pastry chef mother and her sister. Check out the starting lineup of tarts on früute’s website and check out the 11:00 A.M. opening on Saturday if so moved.

früute, 8951 Santa Monica Blvd. Suite A. West Hollywood. 310-786-9983.

Früute Tarts Up Sunset This Saturday