Will Food Truck Health Violations Keep You Away?

Photo: Meredith Smith

Yesterday we talked about how Mayor Menino wants to make sure Boston’s food trucks, 15 of which hit the streets today, offer at least one healthy option on their menu. It sounds reasonable enough to us. But here’s one thing Menino probably didn’t have in mind when he made his wholesome decree: actual health code violations. Per Adam’s Hospitality, an intrepid team at WBZ News went behind the scenes at several food trucks and found graver sins than high-cal grilled cheese.

WBZ cites much-loved Clover as a prime offender. According to their report, “Food wasn’t being held at a hot-enough temperature, which means bacteria could grow. Employees were eating food in serving areas and they weren’t storing food properly.” Another culprit was Momogoose, which had a broken sink during one inspection, and “didn’t provide sanitary hand cleaning and thermometers” during another visit.

Fear not, though; WBZ is quick to note that the cited trucks are now up to code. Do you think trucks will have a harder time keeping things sanitary than brick-n-mortar restaurants? Will the possibility keep you away? We know our answer.

Inspections at Boston Food Trucks Reveal Some Serious Violations [WBZ via AH]

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Will Food Truck Health Violations Keep You Away?