The Flying Pig Cafe Opens July 16th; Flying Pink Pig Sequel Coming Soon

Scallops con Mango
Scallops con Mango Photo: Flying Pig Cafe

It took a while, but The Flying Pig Truck is finally ready to open its brick and mortar location on July 16th, according to the restaurant’s PR arm. Opening day at Joe Kim’s new cafe will find free pork belly buns, beer, and toarashi fries given out from 5:00-8:00 P.M. Like a porky version of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’s golden tickets, a few of the pork belly buns will contain markings that grant people admission to a whole pork butt dinner. In addition, anyone dressed like a pig (we think they mean an actual swine, not just a slob) gets a $50 gift certificate and the first 50 people to come to the opening get a free 50% off coupon. So, what’s on the menu?

The restaurant will serve signatures like peanut butter carnitas, crunchy tofu bun, duck fried rice, spicy black mussels, and scallops “con” spicy mango. But really, they had us at “free beer.”

Now what about all those penetrating, urgent life questions left unanswered at the end of The Flying Pink Pig porno movie that found L.A. Diet subject Ron Jeremy playing a villainous (and probably horny) food truck owner and Joe Kim seeking to sue director Erica McClean?

The publicity forces behind The Flying Pink Pig confirm that yes, indeed, a sequel to the world’s first food truck pornographic film is indeed on its way (you may recall it’s a trilogy, so don’t knock it until you’ve seen the whole cycle). The film is currently being replicated and does not yet have an exact release date, but it will be on shelves (or in seedy hotel rooms or under your bed or wherever) very soon.

UPDATE: Great news everybody! A rep with The Flying Pink Pig tells us the film’s er, release, is expected in late-August.

The Flying Pig Cafe, 141 S. Central Ave. Downtown. 213-621-0300.

The Flying Pig Cafe Opens July 16th; Flying Pink Pig Sequel Coming Soon