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Check Out the First Reviews of Next’s Tour of Thailand

Grant Achatz and Executive Chef Dave Beran
Grant Achatz and Executive Chef Dave Beran Photo: GAchatz/yfrog

The first reviews of Next’s Tour of Thailand are in — sort of. As is usual, members of LTHForum were the first to post about their experiences. Member theskinnyduck claimed that the food had “transported me right to Asia,” and even posted some gorgeous photos of many of the courses on a separate blog. But it was a member named Matt who gave the longest and most in-depth review. His comments have actually spurred an interesting discussion about what to expect from this second menu. Though he ends up having the same opinion as the first poster, he admits that it might “not be for everyone,” and that there is actually a “lack of funk, not much heat in any of the dishes…and little that would blow one’s mind as a novel take on a traditional dish.”

Still, he thinks that an authenticity debate will “largely miss the point.” For him, the progression from street food to the more refined restaurant dishes, “evoked a day of walking around a foreign city.” The courses showcase “regional distinctions and varying levels of formality and refinement,” which creates “a unique experience.” He especially loved the “varied” beverage pairings, which were “wonderful and innovative.”

We can’t wait to hear more takes on the Tour of Thailand, but realize that most people haven’t gotten the chance to experience it just yet. Luckily, according to the restaurant’s Facebook wall, more tickets will “likely” be released today “around 3 PM.” So, get ready to practice your speed-clicking skills.

Next’s Thai Menu [LTHForum]

Check Out the First Reviews of Next’s Tour of Thailand