First Look at Das Menu at Wirtshaus

A peek inside the new biergarten
A peek inside the new biergarten Photo: Wirtshaus via Facebook

We understand your pain, L.A., and are hoping this is the last time we write the word “German” for a little while, too. But Wirtshaus is now soft-open on La Brea, and since we’ve expressed our share of cynicism, it’s time to score a menu and suss this new biergarten out.

The early assurance was that this wouldn’t be a Wurstkuche rip-off, but an authentic German experience and that turns out to be so far true. German-born chef Kenny Seliger is presiding over a long list of dishes spelled out in German and English that proves the team is way more than a bunch of sausage slingers. Wirtshaus carries everything from spaetzle to pretzels to schniztel and fish salad, along with a dessert of spaghetti-shaped ice cream, which all sounds like pretty solid drinking food for teaming up with the restaurant’s 30 German and Austrian brew, and wine list focused on Austria, Germany, and Cali. Even our Polish half is a little intrigued by the possibilities. Take a look at Wirtshaus’ full menu, below.


Suppen des Tages/Soups of the Day 5


Gemischter Salat 7
mixed german salad with cucumbers, peppers, tomatoes, onions, feta and olives

Reibekuchen 8
potato pancakes with mascarpone and apple sauce

Wurstplatte 12
sausage platter

Bretzel 4
bavarian pretzel with sweet mustard

Weisswurst 8
bavarian white sausage with pretzel

Käsespätzle 11
cheese spätzle with house green salad

Käsespätzle with Bacon 13
cheese and bacon spätzle with house green salad

Vesperplatte 14
appetizer plate with a variation of cheeses and cold cuts

*all entrées served with choice of two sides*

Wiener Schnitzel 15
breaded and sautéed pork loin

Jaeger Schnitzel 16
sautéed pork loin in mushroom sauce

Hähnchen Schnitzel 14
chicken schnitzel

Vegetarisches Schnitzel 13
tofu schnitzel

Scharfe Wurst 12
spicy sausage

Traditionelle Wurst 12
traditional sausage

Geügel Wurst 11
poultry sausage

Vegetarische Wurst 11
vegeterian sausage

Roulade 17
beef roulade lled with bacon, blue cheese and parsley

Frischer Fisch 16
fresh fish of the week

Spätzle 4
Dumplings 4
Fried Potatoes 4
Mashed Potatoes 4
Fries 4
Potato Salad 4
Sauerkraut 4
Red Cabbage 4
Mixed Veggies 4
House Green Salad 4
Cucumber Salad 4

*served 11am to 3pm*

Schnitzel Broetchen 8
schnitzel sandwich with sauerkraut red cabbage and one side order

Gemischter Salat 6
mixed german salad with cucumbers, peppers, tomatoes, onions, feta and olives

Scharfe Wurst 9
spicy sausage with two sides

Traditionelle Wurst 8
traditional sausage with two sides

Geügel Wurst 8
poultry sausage with two sides

Vegetarische Wurst 8
vegeterian sausage with two sides

Frischer Fisch Salat 10
fresh sh of the week salad

Wiener Schnitzel 10
breaded and sautéed pork loin with two sides


Spaghettieis 7
spaghetti formed vanilla ice cream with a fruit mouse, fresh strawberries and cream

Schokoladenrolle 8
chocolate log cake

Apfelstrudel 6
apple strudel

First Look at Das Menu at Wirtshaus