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First & Hope Scales Lunch Down with ‘Chicken a la Carte’

First & Hope has a new lunch menu based around the idea of a food truck, only without the actual truck. Huh? The Downtown supper club’s “Chicken a la Carte” menu features three chicken dishes every day with three different grilling and marinade options, all for eight bucks each, along with two two-dollar sides. Chef Yuji Isawa is placing his grill at the front of the restaurant to help prepare three different salads, three different rice bowls, and three different sandwiches, all with chicken. The idea is that this lunch-deprived neighborhood needs a quick and affordable option, so like a food truck speeding to the scene, they’ll try and provide it. See the full menu below and find the “Chicken a la Carte” menu from 12:00-2:00 P.M. Tuesdays through Fridays.

First & Hope
Chicken a la Carte


Salad choices include Cobb, Asian or Greek Salad with Chicken $8

Bowl choices include Balsamic Teriyaki, Lemon-Garlic, or peach BBQ sauce over rice and veg $8

Sandwich is grilled chicken on house made Focaccia $8

Side Salads

White Asparagus Salad or Pasta salad $2


Choc chip cookie or brownie $2


First & Hope Scales Lunch Down with ‘Chicken a la Carte’