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Even Fallen Hot Dog Heroes Get the Blues

Crazy Legs wasn't present.
Crazy Legs wasn’t present. Photo: Jim Kiernan

Just because they have stomachs of steel doesn’t mean they have hearts of stone! The Globe checks in with our own local legendary competitive eater, “Crazy Legs Conti,” who didn’t quite make the cut at Nathan’s Famous Hot Dog Eating Contest. Poor dude!

According to the story, Crazy Legs, “who usually sits at the table next to competitive eating champs such as Joey Chestnut [who took top honors] and Takeru Kobayashi,” didn’t make the scene on July 4 for a very simple reason: He didn’t make the cut, despite attending three qualifying trials.

Instead he made haste for the tranquility of Maine, where he supped on lobster and beer, and where nary a hot dog touched his lips. He also compares himself to Shaquille O’Neal (or did; now that Shaq’s retired, he needs to find a new Celtic idol) and says that the defeat made him feel like “Carl Yastrzemski running into a wall.” To be frank, it’s tough to be a competitive eater-in-transition.

But all is not lost. The hopeful 40-year-old tells the paper that, despite his age, “I think it’s really mind over stomach matter.” Let’s hope he can cut the mustard next summer!

He Ate Well in Maine

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Even Fallen Hot Dog Heroes Get the Blues