Edible Brooklyn: The Cookbook, Out in October, Gets Its First Review Today

Not to be confused with the 'Brooklyn Cookbook,' or the 'New Brooklyn Cookbook.'
Not to be confused with the ‘Brooklyn Cookbook,’ or the ‘New Brooklyn Cookbook.’ Photo: Courtesy Sterling, Epicure

Ah, Brooklyn-themed cookbooks: The Brooklyn Cookbook (1991) was a trove of scraps and food memorabilia like the handwritten sheet music for the Ba-Tampte pickle theme song and recipes like the sole and artichokes from the original Monte’s Venetian Room. For last year’s New Brooklyn Cookbook, authors Melissa and Brendan Vaughan took a different tack, pinpointing trailblazing restaurants like al di là and Diner as the epicenters of the borough’s new wave; fittingly, the book was released with a companion app. Now Publishers Weekly has the details on Edible Brooklyn: The Cookbook, set to be released the first week of October.

Edible Brooklyn’s Rachel Wharton edited the book (expected to be the first of several Edible books), which comprises ten profiles and 100 recipes, each telling a piece of “Brooklyn’s food story.” And the pioneer motif is once again abundant: “In this new frontier of culinary hipsters surrounded by food co-ops and green markets galore,” says PW, “there is not a meatball to be found.” Well, there still might be time to put in a recipe from the Meatball Shop’s just-opened Williamsburg location.

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Edible Brooklyn: The Cookbook, Out in October, Gets Its First Review