Eating in Restaurants Makes You Fat; Ostrich-Egg-Shortage Alert

• According to this, eating in restaurants makes you fat and “one meal away from home each week translates to roughly two extra pounds a year.” Uh-oh. [Orlando Sentinel]

• Ostrich eggs have been on the rise on area menus, but don’t get used to it: This year, the “diva”-like ostrich hens haven’t been laying because of all the rain. [WSJ]

• There is a bright-yellow banana-shaped car driving around Michigan. Reportedly, passersby find it very a-peeling. [Drive On/USAT]

• Hunger in North Korea has gotten so bad thanks to crop damage and the country’s “food deficit” that the E.U. has resumed food aid. Meanwhile, Oxfam is declaring that right now is the “biggest food crisis of the 21st century” for Africa. [ABC News AU, KBC News UK]

• A Philippine sugar-producers group is urging restaurants and hotels to boycott Coke, since the company doesn’t use local sugar anymore. They’re probably just jealous of that delicious Mexican Coke. [Sun Star Bacolod]

• Jay-Z is teaming up with “footballer” Ashley Cole to bring his 40/40 club across the pond to London. [Belfast Telegraph UK]

• Thanks to a $10.8 million cut from the overall NYC schools food budget, the city has had to trim the number of sites handing out free food to schoolkids during the summer. [NYDN]

Eating in Restaurants Makes You Fat; Ostrich-Egg-Shortage Alert