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Eastern Standard Brings Bar Room Brawl Favorite Back Home

Congratulations to Eastern Standard, who won big at the annual Tales of the Cocktail’s “Bar Room Brawl” in New Orleans. In honor of their victory, they’re adding one of the competition cocktails to their libations menu for you to enjoy!

For the uninitiated: the Bar Room Brawl portion of the boozy competition pits five different bar teams from around the country against one other in a frenzied mix-off that showcases their four finest cocktails. Each concoction employs a different primary spirit.

On the winning ESKD roster: By Jove! (Belvedere, Rosé Vermouth and a spot of Pimm’s); Prétedant Nobel (Grand Marnier with fresh lemon, a seaside amaro and drops of Regan’s bitters); Ten by Ten (Ten Cane rum with watermelon, honey, spices, fresh lime and champagne); and City of Champions (Hennessy Privilege, canela, fortified vin blanc and a dash of Bittermen’s tiki).

Because City of Champions was such a hit, it’s now on the cocktail menu for $12. Also, a toast to Drink, which was named Best American Cocktail Bar. We might not dress well around here, but we sure know how to imbibe!

Eastern Standard Brings Bar Room Brawl Favorite Back Home