Does This Mean We Can Get Dinner and A Show?

It’s practically a cliche: Countless restaurant staffers work as waiters and hosts to make money while hoping to make it in showbiz. Often, this is an L.A. phenomenon. (Lest you forget, Brad Pitt got his big break while adorned in a chicken suit for El Pollo Loco.) However, Burton’s Grill next to Fenway launched one lucky opera singer to fame.

The Globe notes that “New England Conservatory grad and amateur opera singer” Alexandra Lang was plucked from relative obscurity to a gig at Fenway because of her hostessing job at the nearby restaurant.

A rep tells Grub Street that Beth Krudys, Fenway affairs manager, frequently lunched at Burton’s, became a regular, and got to know the hostess … who, of course, told her about her amateur opera career. Thanks to this, Lang was invited to croon at Wednesday’s “Neighborhood Night’’ at Fenway.

Yes, it really is all about who you know. Note to current restaurant staffers with latent showbiz careers: Always be nice!

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Does This Mean We Can Get Dinner and A Show?