Debbie Lee Launches The Poutine Truck

The Poutine Truck
The Poutine Truck Photo: The Poutine Truck

Following moves at Gyenari and her own Ahnjoo Truck, Food Network star Debbie Lee is jumping back into the food truck game. This weekend at the Little Tokyo Design Festival, Lee and partner James MacKinnon will debut The Poutine Truck to bring L.A. the only thing from Canada we’re yet to fully embrace (okay, we’d enjoy that whole health care and no gun thing in a flash, too). What’s going to be on-board?

According to a press release, the duo have scoured the Great White North looking at poutine preparations and are using Kennebec potatoes sliced to order in what they think is the perfect recipe of crisp-skinned fries under small organic cheese curds and a hearty dose of gravy. The truck has a smattering of toppings to add, and already is talking a whole lot of mess about being the most authentic poutine in L.A. (does this mean it won’t come with oxtail?). Oh, Canada! We’ll just have to let Lee duke this one out with Soleil, politely and without guns, of course.

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Debbie Lee Launches The Poutine Truck