Roxbury Market Robbed; KFC Revives Colonel Sanders

• Marcella Market in Roxbury was robbed at gunpoint yesterday, raising questions about adequate police presence in the area. [Globe]

• KFC is looking for stories about Colonel Sanders so that the company may “reintroduce [the] chain’s founder to future generations.” Just what they need. [Official Press Release]

• A small food-poisoning outbreak is happening in Illinois. The cause: Mexican papayas. [Chicago Tribune]

• Speaking of food-borne illness, some American officials are pushing to broaden the types of E. coli that are subject to federal regulation. [USAT]

• Get a load of what it’s like to be a judge at the annual Gilroy Garlic Festival. It actually doesn’t sound so bad. [Mercury News]

• A burglar that is being labeled “sloppy” by his victims is targeting restaurants in Tampa. He’s not too sloppy; he’s still on the loose. [WTSB]

Roxbury Market Robbed; KFC Revives Colonel Sanders