Canter’s Celebrates 80 Years; Jell-O Is Cool Again

Canter’s originally opened up in Boyle Heights in 1931 and moved to Fairfax in 1948. Also, according to an owner, they will never serve “pheasant under glass, with grilled asparagus and 19 sauces,” which actually sounds pretty good right now. [LAT]

• It had to happen: Jell-O is cool again. So much so that “avant-garde” chefs are taking advantage. [WSJ]

• This milk ad campaign is pissing off feminists since it insinuates that women with PMS are complete bitches who can be placated with a glass of cow juice. And this candy TV spot, which features dad man boobs, is just plain disturbing. [HuffPo, AdWeek]

• Nineteen major chain restaurants have singed on to the Kids Live Well initiative, pledging to offer healthier options for kids 12 and under. But once they hit 13, it’s McGriddle-ville! [LAT]

• A Utah man was arrested for throwing his snacks at airline attendants on a Southwest Airlines flight out of L.A. on Monday. Everyone’s a critic, huh? [Cheapo Air]

• Jamie Oliver is ending a lucrative endorsement deal with the U.K.-based Sainsbury’s grocery chain to spend more time working with the Jamie Oliver Foundation. However, these celebrity chefs have no qualms about shilling for brands like Diet Coke and Crest. Right, Emeril? [HuffPo, Zagat]

• By observing “enigmatic” millennials in the wild, chain restaurant operators have figured out that the coveted 18-34 demographic enjoys snacking and socializing in restaurants. [NRN]

• The author of the book Junk Foodie offers tips on making Balinese springs rolls out of orange fruit roll-ups, grapefruit jelly beans, and Utz Red Hot Potato Chips, among other disgusting-sounding recipes. [WSJ]

Canter’s Celebrates 80 Years; Jell-O Is Cool Again