The Other Critics

Burger.Org’s Burgers ‘Taste Pretty Good’; Kennett Serves a ‘Perfect’ Rob Roy

• Brian Freedman says South Street’s “burger joint in nice clothes,” Burger.Org, “seems to have gotten its act together” following a “rocky beginning.” The “inexpensive, house-ground, relatively ethical burgers,” he writes “taste pretty good,” but the “limp, oil-soggy fries” were “the Achilles’ heel.” [PW]

• At Fairmount’s Fare, Adam Erace laments the “utterly bland and as excessively greased as a Margate sea hag” oil-braised artichokes, but the “so fresh they shone with a pearlescent coral tint” scallops were the “most pristine” he’s had lately. [Citypaper]

• The Johnny Walker Black Rob Roy that Kennett served Phyllis Stein-Novack was “perfect,” and the sticky toffee pudding had for dessert was “deliciously satisfying.” [South Philly Review]

• For lunch Philly Foodie checks out the “refreshing and filling” seaweed bibimbap at Center City’s B.B.Go, and gets a whole lot more — miso soup, kimchi, and go chu jang — at no extra charge. [Philly Phoodie]

Burger.Org’s Burgers ‘Taste Pretty Good’; Kennett Serves a