Bottle of Wine Sells for $123K; Diners Are Oh-So Hip

• Some French guy bought a bottle of wine for $123,000. We’re not even going to calculate how much that is per glass. [NYDN]

• You probably already knew this, but, as spots like M. Wells and Miss Lily’s show, the diner is oh-so hip. [NYP]

• As he awaits trial in a jail cell, deposed Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak is refusing to eat solid food. [Times of India]

• The hunger situation in the Horn of Africa has gotten so bad that the U.N. is conducting an emergency food airlift there; meanwhile, South Korea sent sacks of flour to aid the hungry in North Korea. [Voice of America, Korea JoongAng Daily]

• Turns out a lot of the produce scraps we toss — corn cobs, watermelon rinds, cauliflower leaves — are edible and quite tasty. [NYT]

• New York is not the only city with a food truck for dogs; there’s now one rolling in Miami, too. [Miami Herald]

• Another study has shown that not too many New Yorkers — in this case, just 15 percent — are influenced by fast-food calorie counts. [International Business Times]

Bottle of Wine Sells for $123K; Diners Are Oh-So Hip