Enter Your Favorite Pie in the Boston Pie Experiment

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again: Trends be damned, our love for pie will never die. Pie is wonderful. Which is why you should register to compete in (or at least attend) Boston’s National Pie Experiment.

Presented by the Brooklyn Brewery, this final round of a nationwide pie cook-off is open to anyone (that’s right, anyone!) with a lust for crust.

Pie-makers should register promptly to convene at the Middle East on July 31 from noon until 3 p.m. Here, they’ll showcase their wares before a judges’ panel that includes Bread & Chocolate’s Eunice Feller, Omni Parker House’s Gerry Tice, and BostonChefs.com CEO Paul Schiavone.

Sweet and savory pies are eligible for competition. Winners receive a trip to New York to compete in the All-Star Championship Cook-off at the Brooklyn Brewery, plus (and this is what we’re really psyched about) a KO Catering & Pies gift card. Love those sausage rolls! The championship happens in September.

To learn more about entering your chosen pie, or simply to attend and gluttonize, go here.

The Foodie Experiment National Tour [The Food Experiments]

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Enter Your Favorite Pie in the Boston Pie Experiment