Bandits Burgle California Bees and Grapes; Ludo Loves L.A.

• Bandits in California are stealing grapes and bees, which requires smoking equipment and “protective gear just like the pros.” [NYT]

• Part of Michelle Obama’s partnership with Wal-Mart involves the superstore opening locations in food deserts. So at least people will be able to get Cheesy Poofs. [Fast Company]

• Food deserts better look out, as the California FreshWorks Fund has also just been established to add better eating options in areas that lack them. [Daily Breeze]

• Ludo Lefebvre finds eating in L.A. more interesting than eating in NYC, but he loves dressing up to dine in Gotham. [Eater]

• Here’s everything you ever wanted to know about reading wine labels, which as we all know is a very important thing to do when buying wine. [WSJ]

• The USDA is proposing rules that would require food manufacturers to clearly label additives that have been, well, added to meat. [Bloomberg Businessweek]

• Since it’s occasionally kind of hot this summer (okay, maybe not yet), check out a few trendy frozen things that are popular in L.A. right now. [HUffPo]

Bandits Burgle California Bees and Grapes; Ludo Loves L.A.