The Other Critics

All the ‘Fuss’ at Talula’s Garden Feels ‘Contrived’; Circle’s Cafe’s Food ‘Did Not Disappoint’

• With dishes “so laden with overlabored fuss that they often felt contrived” Craig LaBan says the “magic” at Stephen Starr and Aimee Olexy’s Talula’s Garden “is still elusive.” [Inquirer]

• Though two-month old Circles Cafe’s food “did not disappoint,” Adam Erace still thought the “stumbling and bumbling” staff that waited on his table did. [Courier-Post]

• The tender octopus with “bread dipping good” broth, “amazing” Pollo  Moscardino, and “friendly, timely, and professional” service were all highlights for Tom Foodlery’s recent visit to the Italian Market’s 943. [Tom Foodlery]

• Despite its having “a little too much cumin,” Midtown Lunch found all “components were working” for the chilled cucumber soup that Opa rolled out with its new lunch menu, and the ham toast’s “grilled, slightly sweet bread” was a “perfect container for all that ham.” [Midtown Lunch]

All the ‘Fuss’ at Talula’s Garden Feels