A French Laundry Follow-Up in Malibu? Come On!

Even the crew at French Laundry looks shocked.
Even the crew at French Laundry looks shocked. Photo: Arnold/Inuyaki via Flickr

We already told you Nobu was moving to the Malibu Pier, a transition that still appears to be a go. But what about the other abandoned restaurant space sitting beside it? Local Zagat chieftain Merrill Shindler learns that Wolfgang Puck has abandoned the idea of taking over this property, and really, who would dare to put their restaurant next to a Nobu in the first place? Well, clearly a second location of French Laundry would exert a stronger pull and Shindler spills the rumor (that no one’s actually really heard) that Thomas Keller is not only creating a second French Laundry, but is bringing it right here. Once you stop laughing, read on.

OBVIOUSLY, the nutso prospect that French Laundry will share proximity with The Beachcomber anytime soon is not going to happen. But just to humor Zagat, Eater checked in with Thomas Keller’s PR machine, which shoots the rumor down by saying, “I’m sorry to say that we have no current plans for expansion in the Malibu area.” So, feel free to read into that all you want. No one says an expansion isn’t being considered, merely that it isn’t coming to Malibu.

Still, even though L.A. has its own Bouchon and Scarpetta now, and is expecting an Eataly, do we really think we could ever be this lucky?

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A French Laundry Follow-Up in Malibu? Come On!