Your Organic Apples and Fancy Milk Sends Deer Family Away

Photo: courtesy of YouTube

Normally, we are all for supporting organic foods and healthy living, but here’s probably the one and only example when it’s not a good idea. A doe and her two fawns have been living comfortably in a courtyard in Lakeview for about a week now, and though a sign specifically stated not to feed them, local residents just couldn’t stop with the handouts. Now, Animal Control has to find a new home for all them. What horrible and offensive things were these pushers feeding to these wild animals? According to the City Animal Care and Control Commissioner Cherie Travis, “People are going to Whole Foods and giving them organic apples.” Wait, what?

Apparently, officials got involved because people were also nursing the fawns with baby bottles full of milk. They worried that the doe could potentially get angry and attack the residents. Also, if the deer got too used to the free apples, they could get lazy and become dependent on the handouts. Sounds political, no?

This is sad news for the deer family, which had become become relatively famous over the past week. Numerous publications have written about them and their courtyard home. Now, that’s all gone thanks to Whole Foods.

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Your Organic Apples and Fancy Milk Sends Deer Family Away