Yoplait Yanks Yogurt Ad; Where To Get Deep-Fried Kool-Aid Balls

• A Yoplait yogurt ad has been taken off the air after eating-disorder groups claimed the television spot mocked an unhealthy line of thinking: “I’ve been good today. I deserve [cheesecake].” [Week]

• The latest battered sensation to inspire awe and wonder? Deep-fried Kool-Aid balls. What will they fry next?! [Gawker]

• Could the recent E. coli epidemic and other food outbreaks be prevented if we just irradiated the hell out of everything? Why don’t we? The answer dates back to the Cold War era. [LAT]

• Los Angeles beat San Francisco as one the best western food cities, after the two rivals were set-up to duke it out in Sunset magazine. [PR Newswire]

• An upcoming NIH study might shed even more light on the question of whether cutting calories long-term can not only make us fabulously skinny but also extend lifespan. [Daily Beast]

• Chipotle is getting all lawyer-ed up in its fight against a massive immigration probe. [Reuters]

• An interview with Starry Kitchen’s owner AKA “Don’t quote Nguyen now, cuz he’s still talking s@!t!” Or make that f&@*! [Eater LA]

• Former Pizza Hut president Herman Cain was elected Mayor of Dallas. Here’s hoping he can deliver on his reputation. [Gawker]

• Jeff Weinstein, creator of The Counter, assures us we can make burgers as healthy as we’d like. [KABC]

• A seed library has opened in L.A., giving members a chance to share their crops while archiving seeds fr future generations. [,a href=,0,3087136.story”>LAT]

Yoplait Yanks Yogurt Ad; Where To Get Deep-Fried Kool-Aid Balls