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Will Laura Raposa’s Turnips Win Over Gordon Ramsay?

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Usually gossip columnists make other people squirm. But tonight the tables will turn, as the Inside Track’s resident gossipette Laura Raposa will submit to Gordon Ramsay’s menacing outbursts for a stint on MasterChef. The conveniently named Rock Bottom hosts the official viewing party this evening.

Raposa reflected on the experience for the Herald today, noting that her gossip cohort Gayle Fee advised her to be “extra bitchy.” Despite this, or perhaps because of it, she “aced” a personality test issued by the casting agents. They also loved her giambotta, Italian chicken stew, and looked favorably upon her passion for turnips, which she brought as one of her “five items” allowed from home.

Raposa will be at the viewing party tonight, which commences at 6 p.m. and is open to the public. The tongue-lashing begins at 8. Though you never know: Maybe Gordon Ramsay has a heart after all.

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Will Laura Raposa’s Turnips Win Over Gordon Ramsay?