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Wild at Heart: Nic Cage’s Son Arrested After L.A. Restaurant Freakout

Well, look who happens to be a crazy-ass chip off of the old block! TMZ reports that Weston Cage, the 20-year-old son of actor Nicolas Cage, was arrested last night after freaking out at Hollywood restaurant The Farmers Kitchen. Echoing the problems many of us common folk shoulder these days, Cage was dining out with his trainer when the health guru denied him something from the menu. We know how Gordon Ramsay handles denial at restaurants, but what happened when Cage flew into a rage?

Dude assaulted the trainer, probably not a good idea when you know crazy much better than kung fu. Junior quickly found himself subdued, while people tried to calm him down. But after another freak-out, police were called to the scene, narrowly avoiding having to taze this bro.

The young man, apparently a death metal rocker (but not a death metal rocker vegan chef!) from the band Eyes of Noctum, is currently in psychiatric evaluation for the old 5150 treatment, which in this case, has nothing to do with Van Hagar. Speculation about drugs, street brawls, and fights between Weston and his wife, reminiscient of a recent domestic scrape his father was arrested for, continue to circulate as causes of the man’s behavior. Meanwhile Cage, being a good dad in addition to a somewhat nutty character, is said to be by his son’s side.

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Wild at Heart: Nic Cage’s Son Arrested After L.A. Restaurant Freakout