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Unsightly or Drunk? Become A Bartender or A Musician!

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Here at Grub Street, the parallels between chefs and rock stars aren’t lost on us. (We’re looking at you, Tom Colicchio!) But what about bartending and rock-and-roll? The two occupations also have their similarities, but they have less to do with bad-ass-ness and more to do with hideousness!

Says Luke O’Neil in Stuff: “I might even go so far as to say being a bartender and being in a band are exactly the same thing. There’s a reason the two go hand in hand: 100 percent of bartenders and musicians are drunks.” Also: “…people tend to think men and women on stage and behind a bar are a lot more physically attractive than they actually are.”

That’s it. We’re ready to chuck it all. But wait! As if we needed further convincing: “Everyone in a restaurant or a band either hates each other, is fucking someone that someone else wants to be fucking, or is trying to undermine each other passive-aggressively.”

We see one major difference, though. Musicians get groupies. Bartenders get porny professors and sad stalkers! Someone should totally make a reality show about this.

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Unsightly or Drunk? Become A Bartender or A Musician!