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Why Echo Park Really Doesn’t Need a Boozy 7-11

Thank heaven the hot dogs didn't kill us!
Thank heaven the hot dogs didn’t kill us! Photo: Bludgeoner86 via Flickr

Over the past few days, The Eastsider L.A. has been tracking a brewing situation in Echo Park that finds the city considering “an alcohol zone” to ease the permit process for businesses seeking to sling liquor. Xoia is hoping that a decision in favor of the proposal will get the sauce flowing a little faster at its restaurant, which we wish them luck in, Meanwhile, the city is also considering whether or not to permit a forthcoming 7-11 to sell beer and wine itself. Considering neighbors already have concerns over potential loitering, disturbances of the peace, and criminal activities here, we think we might be able to save the planning board some trouble with a few opinions of our own.

No, NO, and HELL NO! Have you guys ever been to a friggin’$2 7-11 in L.A.?! Every store we’ve ever lived or worked near has looked about three dime bags short of an open air drug market and a few missing teeth away from a Skid Row microcosm (that is, at least to us, 7-11 legal department). We’re yet to really see this organization make much of an attempt to discourage the shady characters leering at us over the Redbox machine or conspiring by the propane tanks, so like a good neighbor, maybe 7-11 should clean up one of their other infinite locations before breaking new ground and trying to convince people it’s any kind of necessity.

After all, there are enough places to buy batteries, beer, M&Ms;, and condoms in Echo Park, where the food doesn’t look (and taste) like it was fished out of a Dodger Stadium dumpster. Considering 7-11 flacks say an opening is unlikely if the beer and wine isn’t allowed, this may be Echo Park’s one clean shot at saving itself from the 7-11 studded fate the rest of us must suffer. Suerte! May the gods of good food be with you.

What do you think? Do you want to see more or less 7-11’s in your neck of the woods? We’d love to know your thoughts in out comments.

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Why Echo Park Really Doesn’t Need a Boozy 7-11