Mo Fro Yo Mo Problems

Who Has The Fairest Frozen Treats of Them All?

Pinkberry's the best!
Pinkberry’s the best! Photo: Pinkberry

It’s the Summer of Fro-Yo, especially on Newbury Street, and the enterprising Herald decided to sample-n-rank the wares to spare us the agony of brain-freeze headaches and fatness!

The big shocker is Tasti D-Lite, the big-name import on the brink of major expansion. Sadly, despite 100 flavors, a dizzying array of toppings, and the claim that their unique faux-yo blend is actually good for you, the place just isn’t very “tasti” at all. “Less fat equals less taste,” the Herald declares. They might want to rethink their recipe before branching out.

On the plus side: Smoothie King, which we kind of wrote off as a cheesy little post-sin recovery spot, offers a “blast of fresh fruit refreshment.” BerryLine is more sweet than sour, but still totally OK. And the winner? Pinkberry, whose frozen yogurt is “full-bodied” … which we’ll surely become by August!

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Who Has The Fairest Frozen Treats of Them All?