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Whitey Bulger Was Eating at Michael’s!

Owner Michael McCarty:
Owner Michael McCarty: “I ain’t sayin’ nothing, see?” Photo: Tatiana Arbogast

Despite our premature conjecture that Whitey Bulger was most likely not eating at Michael’s, a recent promotion at the restaurant is starting to sound a little fishy after CNN reports that the South Boston criminal ate at the famous Santa Monica restaurant on more than one occasion. Bulger and his moll apparently made reservations under the alias “Mr. Gasko” (yes, he used OpenTable just like the rest of us), once racked up a $192 bill on lobster, steak, four drinks, and foie gras, and might have even shaken hands with owner Michael McCarty.

Bulger was nabbed by FBI at an apartment he rented just two blocks away from McCarty’s place, where he’d been living for years with his girlfriend under the Gasko name. It’s not a surprise that Bulger might have made his way over to Michael’s, no matter how often we’ve been told that crime doesn’t pay.

What smells a little fishy is that the same day of Whitey’s capture, Michael’s was quick to introduce a drink special in honor of Bulger that found one shot of Irish Whiskey available at half-off. Was it a salute to a favorite customer or simply a strange coincidence? You decide! Better yet, we’ll let the Feds figure it out!

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Whitey Bulger Was Eating at Michael’s!