Finally, You Can Eat Whitey Bulger

Meaty. Photo: Getty Images

Ever wondered what Whitey Bulger tastes like? (Oh come on, admit it, you have.) We would have assumed a blend of cigarette smoke and Werther’s originals, or at least a mixture of avocado and sprouts — he was found in Santa Monica, after all — but he’s actually slightly tangy, with a kick of spice.

The Herald reports the inevitable: Mr. Bartley’s Burger Cottage, which specializes in immortalizing celebrities on patties, has rolled out a Whitey Bulger Burger. It’s topped with bacon, “smoky sweet” barbecue sauce, and spicy pineapple jalapeno relish. It comes with sweet potato fries and a pickle.

Interestingly, owner Bill Bartley says the burger hasn’t been flying off the menu the way Charlie Sheen and Eliot Spitzer’s burgers did. Apparently people feel perfectly fine munching burgers named after the drug-addled and the promiscuous; gangsters, though, are a different story. Maybe we’d feel more virtuous if they subbed in a bulgur salad for the fries?

You Got A Beef With A Gangster Burger? [Herald]

Finally, You Can Eat Whitey Bulger