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What to Eat at Thalassa’s New ‘Meze Lounge’

Greek chic.
Greek chic. Photo: Courtesy Thalassa

Here’s another piece of rosy news for below-Canal eating and drinking: A rep for Tribeca Greek-seafood spot Thalassa writes in to say the restaurant has launched a front “meze lounge.” The 24-seat wine-and-small-plates joint, Thalassa Lounge, features the likes of oysters stuffed with sausage, peppers, and onions; and scallops wrapped in kataifi, or shredded phyllo dough. If you’d prefer to sit in the main dining room, the restaurant just added a $65 “Greek-yogurt-inspired” tasting menu, which sounds, um … interesting. It includes courses such as cucumber-yogurt soup with smoked salmon, and “yogurt fritters.”

Thalassa Lounge Menu [PDF]
Yogurt Tasting Menu [PDF]

Thalassa Lounge, 179 Franklin St., nr. Greenwich St.; 212-941-7661

What to Eat at Thalassa’s New ‘Meze Lounge’