What to Drink at Silo Vodka Bar, Now Open in Downtown

This past Saturday, Silo Vodka Bar opened its doors on Downtown’s Seventh Street to serve a menu of cocktails that pushes vodka back to the forefront. This time, you may actually be interested in drinking it again, as the drinks veer from the typical, with such libations as an agave nectar and fresh fruit “Shnawsberry” Martini or a fudge-inundated, coffee liquor and Stoli desert drink called “Brown Coco Brown Cow!” The menu still makes a little room for scotch and gin too, so all those “vodka doesn’t taste like anything” people can sip an absinthe and conac-laced “Crazy Carney” while catching up on their Dave Wondrich. Drink names are pretty funny here, too, with a “Pau Ga Sour” and a “Five Loko” already piquing our interest.

Silo also slings a full martini menu that includes such characters as “Tru Al Cindor” with Tru Vodka and a “Karly Sheen” with Karlssons. Regionally and monetarily specific grouped vodkas are highlighted in flights, which include one to sample the lounge’s own infusions like jalapeno, apple-cinnamon, and bosenberry vodka.

In addition, there’s a food menu featuring worthy booze partners like grilled lamb chops with house chimichuri, cheese and salumi boards, a shrimp cocktail employing Karlsson’s, and fried Twinkies. Fried Twinkies? We’ll drink to that. Na zdrowie!!

Silo Vodka Bar will be open tonight at 5:00 P.M. to 2:00 A.M. at 221 W. 7th St. Downtown. 213-891-1063 .

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What to Drink at Silo Vodka Bar, Now Open in Downtown