What Michelle Obama’s Eating in the East Bay This A.M.; Food Trucks Now Serve Booze, Cater Weddings

• Claremont Hotel chef Josh Thomsen unveils the menu for one of two fundraising breakfasts First Lady Michelle Obama is attending today in the East Bay. [East Bay Express]

Il Fornaio, the chain, has been sold from one private equity firm to another. [Tribune, Chron]

• Did you know you’re most likely to choose a healthier food option on a supermarket shelf if it’s place directly beside its less healthy counterpart? [NPR]

• Regarding the food scene down in Carmel, one of our local Michelin inspectors writes, “Not impressed. 90s still going strong.” [MichelinGuideSF/Twitter]

• Food trucks are growing up: First, they added booze, now they’re catering weddings. We’re tearing up. [WSJ]

• Time to rethink an apple a day? The fruits ranks highest among common produce for pesticide contamination. [CBS News]

• A tussle over frozen veggie pad thai that rocked the aisles of a New York City Trader Joe’s is set to hit courts today. Sounds like both parties involved need to do a little more yogilates. [NYP]

• The ups and downs of Louisville, Kentucky’s efforts to fight obesity resembles the efforts of somebody on a yo-yo diet. [NYT]

• Remember when former New York Giant Plaxico Burress intelligently took a gun to a nightclub, then shot himself in the leg? Well, now he’s out of prison and determined to regain baller status by pigging out at Prime One in South Beach. [Page Six/NYP]

What Michelle Obama’s Eating in the East Bay This A.M.; Food Trucks Now