What John Sedlar Cooked For Los Angeles Mag’s 50th B-Day Bash
Joseph Panarello starts cutting the cake

Last night, Los Angeles magazine honored its first 50 years with a soiree spread across a high-ceiling space across from LACMA. With a time capsule, theremin maestro, and artists’ projections of Los Angeles covers in 2061, guests like Rodney Bingenheimer, Charles Phoenix, Evan Kleiman, and Picca chef Ricardo Zarate were treated to a chic fete and thought-provoking concept. Who better to cater the futuristic affair than forward-poised, arts-obsessed, Southwest-celebrating chef John Sedlar? The toque, with help from Rivera’s Joseph Panarello and Playa’s Kevin Luzande, made seven appetizers inspired by a handful of L.A.’s most famous restaurants. There was a deconstructed cobb salad in a nod to Brown Derby, pastrami tacos from the chef’s own long-gone Saint Estephe, and dessert of chocolate bacon truffles to catch up with Animal. Come take a look at the party and see what else was served in our slide show.

The cake had a strange layout of L.A. that found Pasadena west of Beverly Hills, but was still impressive in its scope. Plus, Randy’s Donuts!!
On melon cubes. Inspired by Jean Bertranou’s introduction of Nouvelle Cuisine to the city at L’Ermitage.
With pickled veggies. A favorite crowd bite inspired by Sedlar’s own restaurant Saint Estephe, to acknowledge the introduction of New Latin cuisine in a city once known better for El Coyote and El Torito.
A mix of Karma tequila, grapefruit juice, chipotle, and lemon verde.
A burrata-topped Italian-inspired gazpacho giving honors to Mauro Vicenti and his restaurant Rex, for “launching a new standard in fine Italian dining.”
From left, John Rivera Sedlar with Rivera chef Joseph Panarello and Playa chef Kevin Luzande. At the end of the service in the bare kitchen.
Inspired by Chasen’s elevation of “the common man’s food.” We question whether Chasen’s version ever reached this kind of heat.
This deconstructed shot of creamy soup paid homage to the “first of many chopped salads to come,” from the Brown Derby.
The legendary KROQ radio DJ also known as “The Mayor of the Sunset Strip.”
Incredible! The famous instrument, which quickly went from symphony to sci-fi fame, manages to evoke both an eerie past and strange future.
Another favorite, these were inspired by Trumps, honored for their role in helping to pioneer Cali cuisine.
Sedlar’s serving plates depicted many L.A. icons, like Walt Disney Hall, Nobu Matsuhisa, classic cars, and that incredible graffiti mural by SINER on Western, as seen here.
Inspired by Animal’s “punk rock aesthetic.”
Depicted artists’ imaginary covers from the year 2061. Spanglish, Spanish, and Chinese words were not uncommon themes.
Creator Matt Groening added a 500th episode script to the time capsule, inscribed: “This is a script from a once-popular puppet show.”
…apart. Not an easy job when the parts are made of huge faux books.
Ask Chris: “Dear Chris, do you always have this kind of effect on the ladies?”
What John Sedlar Cooked For Los Angeles Mag’s 50th B-Day Bash