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We Just Love When a Rapper Comes To Whole Foods

Photo: Fog and smog via YouTube

Blogging L.A. recently compared several Trader Joe’s parking lots in L.A. to “the pits of Hell.” Apparently, that’s nothing compared to the hardcore gangsta shiznit going down on the daily at the Whole Foods Venice parking lot, where yuppies mad-dog each other just to see their Hybrids get in where they fit in. L.A. Weekly introduces us to Fog and Smog, a local comedy crew making their debut with a video on the dangers of the Whole Foods parking lot, complete with lines like “Everybody’s trying to park, you can feel the tension. I’m in electric mode, can’t even hear the engine.” Want to take a look?

Kombucha, quinoa, kale salad, iPhones, clipboard activists, idiots in beanies blocking the display, Humboldt Fog cheese…They all get their deserved shout-outs in this dead-on look at the ever-gentrified scene on Lincoln and Rose, while the MC somehow manages to look pretty hard while taking his re-usable grocery bag out of a SmartCar.

Who knows what it is about Whole Foods and overpriced seafood that inspires silly white guys to rap? At least the beat and flow aren’t completely terrible, even if we’re pretty sure those big dudes kicking it on the north side of Oakwood Park wouldn’t find the whole “It’s how we live on the Westside of L.A.” refrain to be keeping it very real.

Check out the video and judge for yourself.

We Just Love When a Rapper Comes To Whole Foods