Want Boston to Get A Year-Round Market? Then Pig Out!

Photo: BPMA

Grub Street’s been spending a lot of time at the Sam Adams brewery lately. Earlier this week, we watched David Burke concoct his new peach beer. On Sunday, we’ll return again (a little bit later in the day this time) for a very worthy barbecue.

As Fork Lift notes, $20 buys all-you-can-swallow pork, plus ice cream, plus one beer. (Additional beers cost $5.) And, yes, there will be plenty of veggie dishes available — as well as tantalizingly tangy sauces from Burnin’ Love, which pretty much guarantees we’ll be there before the 4 p.m. start time. Under-agers can’t enjoy the beer (naturally), but admission is $5 for the under-21 set.

Proceeds support the efforts of the Boston Public Market Association, who want to establish a year-round market here to showcase our regional bounty. Which means we’ll feel completely remorseless even if we consume far too much pork and beer. For the uninitiated: The brewery’s located at 30 Germania Street, Jamaica Plain. [Fork Lift]

Want Boston to Get A Year-Round Market? Then Pig Out!