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Wait, Dads Can Be Vegans Too?

“No, no. I love your vegan cake, honey. It’s just what I wanted for father’s day.” Photo: Marvinxsteadfast via Flickr,/a>

Apparently, all dads are not created equal. Not every one of them guzzles gross beer from a can and looks forward to the one day of the week they can throw a rack of brontosaurus ribs on to the grill while trying to find a way to incorporate bacon into dinner. Even more shocking, vegan blogger Quarry Girl explains that some dads are even actually vegans. Funny, right?

In case you’re a crappy son or daughter (shame on you), here’s your reminder that this Sunday is father’s day, your chance to treat Dad to a meal and give the guy a present for sticking around.

Quarry Girl introduces us to the alien concept of the “vegan dad” before pointing out that there are even L.A. restaurants catering to this strange subculture on father’s day. Well, two of them anyway. Native Foods and Pizza Fusion are both preparing feasts for your father, with seitan sandwiches and free beer with every order of cheese-less pizza, respectively.

Sure, some of our dads would probably smack us if we offered them seitan on their special day, but hey, we can respect some of your dads making their own choices at this stage in their lives. In fact, here’s wishing your vegan dad, if indeed you have such a thing laying around the house, gets his fill of vegan beer and vegan chocolate-covered bacon this Sunday. Meanwhile, our dads will continue putting their very lives on the line with the real stuff. Just remember, whatever we all give them in the end, they have to say they like it.

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Wait, Dads Can Be Vegans Too?