Underground Market Remains Kaput; Lady Gaga’s Meat Dress Preserved For All Time

• In a meeting yesterday, ForageSF’s Iso Rabins failed to convince the Health Department to change their mind about closing the Underground Market. He’s now taking his case to the City Attorney. [SFoodie, Earlier]

• Finally, Oakland’s Planning Commission voted to allow backyard crop-growing and the sale of homegrown produce without a permit. Thank you, Novella Carpenter. [Oakland North]

• Have you noticed how the current food truck craze, and the Food Network’s Great Food Truck Race, have sidelined the originators of the mobile food movement, namely Mexican taco trucks? [CHOW]

• Lady Gaga’s meat dress has landed in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland after an involved taxidermy process to preserve it. Oh, no one ever ate that thing? [HuffPo]

• After some kids selling lemonade outside the US Open in Maryland didn’t heed warnings to shut down their stand, officials fined their parents $500 for operating without a vendor’s license. [WUSA9]

• Pepsi is trying so hard to be cool that it’s signed on Ferran Adrià, who’ll create no-doubt-kooky “new snackable foods, breakfast options, and convenience alternatives.” [Eater]

• Lawmakers seeking to reduce farm subsidies were foiled when the House voted 217-203 to keep things as they are. [BusinessWeek]

• In case worldwide food shortages get too terrible, don’t worry, scientists have come up with a burger made from human poo. Though we hear it tastes like crap. [Gizmodo]

• Great news! Krispy Kreme plans to bring its delicious doughnuts to 65 new stores and roll out a signature coffee. Take that, Dunkin’! [NRN]

Underground Market Remains Kaput; Lady Gaga’s Meat Dress Preserved For All