Top E. Coli Culprits; Red Hook’s ‘Chicken Guy’

• For your morning dose of fear-mongering, here are the foods most likely to carry E. coli. Top culprits: undercooked meat and eggs — also, salads! [Discovery News]

• Here’s the thing: If animals are being raised properly and humanely, you’re very unlikely to get E. coli or salmonella from the meat, and the animals won’t need antibiotics on a regular basis, either. [HuffPo]

• There is a man in Red Hook known as “the Chicken Guy,” and if you are nice to him and pay him money, he will help you set up your very own chicken coop. [NYT]

• On your mark, get set, lunch! Midday formal dining speeds up around the country. [WSJ]

• Bakery chain Au Bon Pain is redesigning its restaurants. It’s hoping the changes will bring in more bread. [NRN]

• Ralph Lauren daughter and Dylan’s Candy Bar queen Dylan Lauren is getting hitched this weekend. [Page Six/NYP]

Top E. Coli Culprits; Red Hook’s ‘Chicken Guy’