TOC Offers First Preview Next’s Thai Transformation

It won't be Paris 1906 forever.
It won’t be Paris 1906 forever. Photo: courtesy of Facebook

Hidden in Time Out’s latest feature on how chefs are using fresh strawberries, just happens to be the very first mention in print of a potential menu item that could be on the upcoming Thai menu for Next. As you may remember, the most acclaimed restaurant of the year is currently still serving a menu based on 1906 Paris, but only has roughly two-and-a-half weeks left before it changes. A Thai menu had been rumored and then sort of confirmed, but this is the first time we’ve seen a mention of a specific dish.

The quick interview is with Jeff Donahue, the floor manager at Next and the Aviary, who also happens to be in charge of creating the nonalcoholic drinks. Obviously, that means that the recipe is for a drink, and it’s only in the “what he has in mind” phase of development. Still, the “Strawberry galangal drinking vinegar with chrysanthemum lemongrass soda” proves that Next is taking the Thai menu seriously — not that we had many doubts. Check out the full recipe over at Time Out.

Strawberry recipes from Chicago chefs [Time Out]

TOC Offers First Preview Next’s Thai Transformation