Think You Know Stephanie Izard? You Could Win $20 at Falafill

Use your knowledge of Izard to win free food.
Use your knowledge of Izard to win free food. Photo: courtesy of Falafill

Earlier this month, we noted that Falafill was featuring a specialty wrap that was created by Stephanie Izard for the month of June. According to the owners, it’s selling briskly, which is especially good news for Izard’s charity, Share Our Strength. With half a month still left, the shop in Lakeview has decided to hold a contest to test your knowledge of the Top Chef winner. Answer ten questions correctly about the chef, and you could win a gift certificate to Falafill. Check out all of the details below. Better hurry, though; as you can imagine, she has a few fans, and the contest starts now.

Falafill just released the 10 questions on its Facebook page. You have until Friday, June 16 at noon to fill out your answer, and then post it back on Facebook. The person with the most correct answers will get a $20 gift card. As you may have noticed, question number 10 (“What song best describes Stephanie?”) is less of a question, and more of an opinion. If there is a tie for most correct answers, Izard will decide the winner by selecting the response to number 10 that “sounds like the most like her.”

There you go. Make sure to leave your final list on the restaurant’s Facebook page. Check out all the questions below.

1) Stephanie won the first elimination challenge on episode one of her season of Top Chef. What dish did she make to get that win?

2) Before Stephanie opened Girl and the Goat, she hosted a series of underground pop-up dinners called the Wandering Goat Dinner Series. Name three locations these dinners were held at.

3) At one point before opening Girl and the Goat, Stephanie cooked with The Guido and The Greaser. What are the real names of these two chefs?

4) What culinary school did Stephanie attend? And what Food Network chef did Stephanie work for in that same city?

5) What bourbon distiller did Stephanie travel to Kentucky to make her own whiskey with? What is the name of the bourbon?

6) Stephanie is planning to open a second restaurant later this year. What is it’s name?

7) There is a large painting hanging on the wall at Girl & the Goat. Name three items on it.

8) Falafill is soon to open new stores in Chicago. Where will our next store be opening?

9) What are the main components on Stephanie’s wrap at Falafill, and for what charity is she raising money?


10) Of all the songs ever recorded in the world, what song best describes Stephanie?
Think You Know Stephanie Izard? You Could Win $20 at Falafill