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There’s No Expansion On Tap For the Tasting Room at Yards

Yards Brewing Co.
Yards Brewing Co. Photo: Courtesy Yards Brewing Co.

There’s no truth to the rumors that Yards Brewing Co. is planning to expand its tasting room and transform it into a proper brewpub. Though they’ve been circulating for some time, those rumors gained some traction in recent weeks after the brewery posted a job listing online for a Tasting Room Manager. One of the job’s requirements is prior brewpub experience. “We’re not really expanding the tasting room,” Yards COO Trevor Prichett told Grub Street. “We’re just looking to hire someone to help us manage it.”

Prichett said the brewery’s tasting room’s operations will continue as is. Since setting up the space about a year-and-a-half ago, the Yards crew has shied away from running it as a bar, advertising it or offering happy hour deals, because they do not want to come off as competition for some of their best customers. When asked to elaborate, Prichett cited the Standard Tap, which is just two blocks away from the brewery, and dozens of other bars and restaurants that are also in very close proximity.

“Our core business is being a production brewery,” Prichett said. “We purposely don’t price out beers in the same fashion as other breweries. We’re price them at five bucks a pint. We do the same with case and six pack sales; we don’t price below beer distributor pricing.”

He added that the tasting room is available for private events, which ensures the space pays for itself.

There’s No Expansion On Tap For the Tasting Room at Yards