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The Sommelier at Surfas Reviews MoKo

Photo: KCET

Everybody is a food critic these days, right? With that in mind, KCET has been busy shooting a guest-critic series called “Free Lunch,” in which a qualified professional is asked to review a favorite restaurant on video. Look out Tony Bourdain, because here comes Surfas cheese and wine guru David Rozansky! Come see the video.

This ecstatic expert steps up to review MoKo’s market banchan, asparagus kochi, and braised pork ssam. We follow Rozansky from a preamble outside the place to his being seated and placing an order, to those first orgasmic faces when the kim chi and tofu hit his tongue, plus the final summation of his experience.

But the coolest thing? No doubt those digital labels that tell you exactly what each dish is. We want those!

Check out Rozansky’s MoKo review in this video and find the Free Lunch archives on KCET’s blog.

MoKo: Market Banchan, Asparagus Kochi & Braised Pork Ssam [KCET]

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The Sommelier at Surfas Reviews MoKo