The Other Critics

The Farm and Fisherman’s Beet Steak Is ‘Perfect’; Hawthornes Is ‘Outstanding’

• At The Farm and Fisherman, Brian Freedman says the beet steak is a “perfect mimicking of rare beef in both color and texture,” while the smoky heft” of the farmer’s cheese spaetzle is an “excellent accompaniment to an otherwise simple, fennel pollen-dusted Berkshire pork chop. [PW]

• Adam Erace “won’t hate on” Relish’s “fluffy skillet cornbread brushed with honey butter or catfish marinated in hot pepper sauce,” nor the West Oak Lane restaurant’s “ iced like doughnuts with a coconut rum glaze” pollo pando. [Citypaper]

• Phyllis Stein-Novack drops in Hawthornes and is amazed by the “array of beers from America and around the world,” and a turkey BLT that was “outstanding.” [South Philly Review]

• Ashley Primis says “don’t knock” the slathered in garlic cream cheese” Seattle Grunge hot dog at Hot Digitty, and recommends the “sauced with spicy brown mustard, kraut, and red onion” Bronx Bomber for “traditionalists.” [Inquirer]

The Farm and Fisherman’s Beet Steak Is ‘Perfect’; Hawthornes