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The Construction of Local 1205 Marches On

Photo: Yo! Venice!

Yo! Venice! brings Local 1205 back from the dead today. The project, which comes from owners the popular neighboring bar The Otherroom, was one of the openings we were really looking forward to in the fall…of 2009! But construction has been on and off again and last we’d heard, owners were seeking community support to get the healthy-leaning cafe and market back on task. Now what?

For a short eternity, the construction site was chained up and Eater even ventured to offer that the “concept might not happen.” No the Venice-obsessed site announces the resumption of construction on the space and even has an early photo or two of what’s happening on the inside.

Local 1205 Abbot Kinney [Yo! Venice!]

The Construction of Local 1205 Marches On