Sunset Hosting San Fran vs. L.A. Rematch, Probably Won’t Solve a Thing

San Fran barman Erick Castro
San Fran barman Erick Castro Photo: Brian Smeets/Grub Street S.F.

Sunset Magazine is holding a “smackdown” in neutral territory to help L.A. and San Fran settle a few of their differences. Apparently, the good people of San Francisco just can’t take Sunset’s suspect science sitting down. Last week, the lifestyle mag pitted these two cities’ food scenes against one another and after a battle of words, L.A. emerged as the winner. Here in L.A., we obviously saw no need for a rematch in the face of such concrete facts, but naturally, San Francisco is angry and wants to take this one to the streets. So now what?

Sunset has capitulated to NorCal’s demands (way to stick with your convictions, guys) and is holding a rematch in the middle of the state, a showdown that sounds so pat and perfect, we have to wonder if they planned this brewing rivalry and provoked outrage all along to promote its upcoming SAVOR event.

Unfortunately, the rematch is going to be a little watered down, because it will be held over cocktails. That’s right, another mixology battle. That hardly gives San Francisco a chance to let its figs on a plate cuisine speak for itself. On October 2nd, mixologists representing the two cities will face-off to supposedly “settle this rivalry,” Sunset’s editor-in-chief tells The Sacramento Bee. Okay sure, we’re going to decide which city has a better food scene by judging its cocktails. This must be the point where we second our San Francisco counterpart’s “WHAT-ev-er, Sunset”.

So far none of the mixologists have been named in the battle, but the dueling drink-makers will be judged by Jonathan Gold (who has one hell of an L.A. bias, as confirmed by his hilarious comments defending L.A. in the story), Tablehopper.com’s Marcia Gagliardi, and Margo True, the publication’s food editor. Whatever the outcome, you can absolutely count on one thing: One half of the state is going to end up pissed!

If you want to decide the battle ahead of time, both L.A. and S.F. Grub Streets recently took a look at our respective city’s great cocktails. Check ‘em out!

Rematch of Sunset’s California “Food Town Smackdown” to Take Place at SAVOR the Central Coast This Fall [Sacramento Bee]

Sunset Hosting San Fran vs. L.A. Rematch, Probably Won’t Solve a Thing