Steven Arroyo’s Escuela Taqueria Opens For Dinner, Mañana Por La Noche

Photo: Mondette

Tomorrow night, Steven Arroyo opens his long-awaited Escuela Taqueria in a small Mid-City space on North Stanley, just east of Fairfax. The 25-seat restaurant will first start with dinner service, before branching out to lunch and breakfast. Escuela’s PR reps tell us the menu, which will see frequent change, finds the Cobras and Matadors owner filling tacos with cuts of responsibly-raised duck, crispy branzino, pork, poblano peppers, and goat, including cheeks, pork belly, and tongue. The tacos will be served alongside market-sourced and house-made pickled nopales, habanero cole slaw, and pumpkin seed gremolata. What else?

Tacos will be roughly six to eight dollars for a pair, while seasonal side dishes (like elote, rice and beans, and summer squash), house made aguas frescas (there’s no booze here, !ay demonios!) and desserts (churros, raspados, and paletas) help complete the picture. That is, before the migas arrive for breakfast (yay, migas!). We’re just going to assume Arroyo, who says his abuela ran her own East L.A. taqueria when he was a youth, is making his tortillas here, lest our eager excitement to try Escuela starts flagging.

Escuela, open tomorrow evening at 308 North Stanley Ave. 323-939-TACO.

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Steven Arroyo’s Escuela Taqueria Opens For Dinner, Mañana Por La Noche