Speck’s Failure Gets Dissected, But Does Anyone Actually Care?

Shola Olunloyo
Shola Olunloyo Photo: Michael Spain Smith

News of Tony Rim taking over the space formerly known as Speck-is-going-to-open-in-any-minute for an offshoot of his Midtown Village sushi spot, Raw, was hardly the last word we would hear of the NoLibs multimillion dollar money pit, Shola Olunloyo and Piazza overlord Bart Blatstein. Nor was the doozy Phillymag dropped yesterday in the form of an in-depth piece that tries to unravel the twisted mess that prevented one of the city’s most highly anticipated restaurants from opening. Its a torrid tale of too-big-to-fail egos, huge cost overruns and pie-in-the-sky expectations.

Of course Olunloyo, who opted out of giving his side of the story to Phillymag, promptly fired back, telling the Feast that the article “isn’t accurate,” even though it states that it was run by him for fact checking prior to publication. Blatstein’s noticeable absence from it, certainly depreciates its credibility. And honestly, the comments stacking underneath it on Phillymag’s website are far more entertaining than the actual text.

Who’s to blame? Who knows? And at this point, with Raw set to open soon, Olunloyo back to being the “city’s most mysterious chef,” and Blatstein doing whatever it is he does, we’re pretty sure that no one cares.

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Speck’s Failure Gets Dissected, But Does Anyone Actually Care?