Snooki Peddles Pickle Flip-Flops; Potatoes Make You Fat

Jersey Shore’s Snooki has come out with a line of pickle-print flip-flops. Strangely, we can actually imagine all these D.I.Y. locavore types wearing them. [NYDN]

• When it comes time to go vegan, Tal Raonnen is the chef for you. Though you may need Oprah/Steve Wynn kind of money. [LAT]

• In a review of Chimu, Miles Clement calls this our “Peruvian moment.” Picca is opening tomorrow, but still, we still need a few more great Peruvian restaurants to make this a real moment. [LAT]

• It’s official: Potatoes make you fat. Which still explains nothing about why the French are not obese. [WSJ]

• And… here’s what to be afraid of today: There’s a nasty yeast lurking in your dishwasher. Also, did you know there’s a publication called Fungal Biology? [Independent UK]

• Chipotle’s pledging to double the amount of local produce it uses. [NRN]

• Chick-fil-A in San Antonio hosted a “Daddy-Daughter Date Night.” Really, guys, love the sentiment, but can we please call this something else? [My San Antonio]

Good put together a funny illustration of the dinner party from hell, featuring seven eaters, each with a specialized diet. We’ll stay away from the “Rifletarian.” [Good]

Snooki Peddles Pickle Flip-Flops; Potatoes Make You Fat